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World War II Reenactment & Historical Links

German Reenactment Units

2.Panzerdivision (HRS): The large armored unit, based around Chicagoland & Midwest.
38.Panzer Pionier Bat., 2.Panzerdivision (TSG): Combat engineer unit based out of northern Ohio.
3.Panzergrenadier Division: Heer unit out of Massachussetts.
3.Kompanie, "Großdeutschland" (TSG/GPS): ID/NE/IA-based Panzergrenadiers.
7.Kompanie, "Großdeutschland" (W2HPG): The largest east-coast Heer unit.
5.Gebirgsjägerdivision (WW2HRS): A high-standards & living-history-oriented unit out of Ohio led by Phil Narsizi.
2.Kompanie, PzGren Regt 110, 11.Panzer Div. (NWHA): Unit out of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.
21.Panzerdivision: California Historical Group Panzergrenadier unit.
15.Infanterie Regiment/29.Pz Gren Division (NMHA): Unit centrally-located in Tennessee.
43.Sturmpionier Batallion: Combat engineers from Florida.
1.Kompanie, PzGren.Rgt.60, 116.Panzerdivision: Southeast USA "Windhund" Panzergrenadiers l
5.Kompanie, PzGren.Rgt.60, 116.Panzerdivision (TSG): Midwest USA "Windhund" Panzergrenadiers 
116.Panzerdivision (AHG): Arizona-based Panzergrenadiers.
Inf. Regt. 134, 44.Inf. Div., "Hoch- und Deutschmeister": "Austrian volunteers", based in Atlanta, GA.
Feldgendarmerie Trupp 200: Southern California-based unit, and a good website on the Field Police in general.
352.Infanteriedivision (CHG): A top unit based in southern CA.
352.Infanteriedivision (HRS): Unit based in central OH.
Ostbattalion, 352.Infanteriedivision: Singapore-based unit portaying the Asiatics serving the Wehrmacht.
1./Feldgendarmerie Abt. 541: "Chain-dog" unit in New England.
Grenadier Regiment 980: anti-tank section of the 272.Infanterie Division, located PA, NJ, and New England.

1. LSSAH, "Die Leibstandarte": The largest Waffen-SS unit in the US; nationwide.
1. LSSAH, "Die Leibstandarte": Australian SS living history group.
Schwere SS-Panzerabteilung 101: A new unit based in Europe.
1.SS Div. LSSAH 2. Komp. Pionier Batt. 1 (W2HPG): East Coast unit 
Second Battle Group: English reenactors of the LSSAH featured in the movie, "Saving Private Ryan".
4.SS-PzGren Regt "Der Führer", 2.SS PzDiv, "Das Reich": based in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois.
2.SS Panzerdivision, "Das Reich" (HRS): Minnesota-based unit.
11.Kom., 4.SS-PzGren Regt „Der Führer“, 2.SS PzDiv „Das Reich“ (TMHS): TX unit fielding
3.SS-PzGren Regt "Deutschland", 2.SS PzDiv "Das Reich" (TMHS): SS Grenadiers from LA/TX
9.Kompanie, 3.SS-PzGren Regt "Deutchland", 2.SS PzDiv "Das Reich": New England Regt
2/SS-Panzer Pionier Batallion 5, 5.SS PzDiv, "Wiking" (TSG): Sturmpioniere based in IN, IL, OH, MI
9.SS Panzerdivision, "Hohenstaufen": East-coast unit, with Aufklärungs, Panzer Aufklärungs, and HQ sections.
9.SS Panzerdivision, "Hohenstaufen" (TSG): Michigan/Indiana-based SS unit.
3. Kp./Ers. Zug 2./SS-Panzerjäger Abteilung 9. "Hohenstaufen": East Coast 
3./SS PzGren Regt 19, 7./SS PzRegt 9, and 1./SS AufAbt 9, 9.SS PzDiv, "Hohenstaufen" (CHS): 
10.SS "Frundsberg" (WW2LHA): Mid-Atlantic based SS Grenadiers.
10.SS "Frundsberg" (TSG): (E-MAIL LINK) New MI unit out of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.
7.Kompanie, II.Bat, 23.SS PzGren Regt "Norge" (TSG): Ohio-based unit
11.SS Division "Nordland" (HRS/TSG): Based out of Kansas.
12.SS Division, "Hitlerjugend" (PNWHG): based out of the N.W. U.S.-- WA/OR
12.SS Division, "Hitlerjugend" (WW2 HRS): "HJ" authentic motorized unit out of Minnesota.
17.SS Panzerdivision, "Götz von Berlichingen" (TMHS): out of East Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.
17.SS Panzerdivision, "Götz von Berlichingen" (AHG): Arizona-based "Kiss my ass" unit.
3. SS PzDiv. "Totenkopf" SS PzGren Regt 6 Theodor Eicke:  SS reenactment group
'Kampfgruppe Nord' Northern Ireland based group portraying the men of 7.KpII Abt.SS.Pz.Gr.Reg.2 L.A.H

1. Kompanie, PzGrRegt 2, PzDiv Hermann Göring: East coast based unit.
3.Kompanie, Fallschirm-Pionier-Batallion 1, 1.Fallschirmjäger Division (W2HPG):
airborne engineer unit. KGed together with the LL-Sturmregiment below.

Luftlande Sturmregiment (W2HPG): air assault unit led by Willi Zahn, out of the NJ-NY area. KGed
together with the FJ-Pionier Battalion 1 above.

Fallschirmpionierbattalion 5: Germany-based historical & reenactment site.
15. Kompanie/Fallschirmjager Regiment 5: Southern California-based group
Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6/Luftwaffe Historical Group: UK-based unit
5./Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6 (HRHR): Don Calder's unit
FJ Stab Kompanie: Paul Crawley's paras out of Georgia.
7. und 17.Luftwaffe Felddivision: Southern states based unit.
8. und 18.Luftwaffe Felddivisionen:  Southern-states unit doing Luftwaffe Field Divisions
17. Luftwaffe Felddivision:  Northern California based unit

Kriegsmarine Kuestenabteilung

Allied Reenactment Units

28th US Infantry Division: Based out of Ft. Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania (host unit of "the Bulge" annual battle)
45th US Infantry Division:
Based out of Philadelphia, PA.
45th US Infantry Division:
Texas-based contingent.
51st US Engineer Combat Battalion:
Based in the Washington, D.C. area.
82nd US Airborne Division (WW II HRS): Midwest group headed by Phil Kaiser.
82nd US Airborne Division, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment: Based in Texas.
82nd US Airborne Division: California Historical Group unit.
90th US Infantry Division:
Based in Texas.

1st Airborne (British)
7th Black Watch (Scottish Highlanders)

#10 Commando (British): Midwest unit headed up by 20th CTSG president, Mike Dragisich.
15th Scottish Division: Based out of the Carolinas.
Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (British):
Texas Brits!
Queen's Own Rifles (Canada):
Canadian reenactors, from Canada.

Assorted Reenactment Related Sites

WW II Historical Reenactment Society: The original national reenacting society.
The WW II Historical Preservation Federation:
East-coast reenactment society (puts on the annual Battle of the Bulge at Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA).
National Military Historical Association:
South/eastern reenactment society.
Texas Military History Society
WW II Reenactor Net
Great War:
Links to all manner of WW I sites.
The Weapons Rack: Reenactors from Arizona, with a collection of good reenactment photos.
Living History Portraits: Artist doing period-style portraits of famous figures and individuals, focusing mainly on American Revolutionary and Civil War.

Assorted Military History Sites

U.S. WW II Veterans' Website: The official site for US vets.
Excellent reference site on the Kreigsmarine!
Zweiter Weltkreig: A Czech site (in English too) with some good pictures.
Waffen-SS Lost Photos: A page devoted to a set of pictures recently found and developed in an Indiana veteran's home, filled with images of a Waffen-SS training facility in Poland.
The History of the Waffen-SS: An excellent, objective source of info on the Armed-SS.
SS Officer ComputerResearch: An outstanding site that offers research on former SS officers. Also has a lot of great photos and bibliography.
Battle of the Bulge: Part of a British travel service website, a great overview of the battle and its players.
German Experience in Russia: Great info page off of the Army's Center for Military History site; from a report given by German officers after the war.
Center for Military History: The US Army's own military history site; quite large and well worth a look.
LUFT '46: An excellent presentation of the "wonder-weapons" of the Luftwaffe!
Die Gebirgstruppen: Mountain troops of the Wehrmacht.
Red Steel: Excellent writeups on all of Stalin's armor in WW II.
The Historic German Iron Cross
German Militaria & Collectibles
Die Gebirgsjaeger --
reference site for Gebirgstruppen
Bayonet Collectors Forum -- discussion site for edged weapons

Sources for Militaria and Books

andrfrnt.jpg (11265 bytes)
Excellent line of German and U.S. uniforms & other fine quality reproduction militaria.

BrandenbergHistorica.gif(4301 bytes)
Books, music, and historical artifacts of the 3rd Reich. Great source for all your marching needs!

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Suppliers for all your trench-warfare goodies.

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One-stop source for all your WW2 book and video needs!

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Military history books direct from the publisher!

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WW2 RAAF/RAF/RCAF militaria & books

Ghost2Militaria.jpg (7726 bytes)
WW2 German Militaria

1944_Militaria.gif (9955 bytes)
Original & Reproduction Camouflage, Uniforms & Equipment

Blue Max Militaria

Militaria Espenlaub

Militaria.Net -- a militaria dealer directory

Ost Front -- online dealer

Italian Front -- online dealer

World Militaria Dealers Webring
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